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ESE Lightning Protection System
Omega Logiks Leaders in manufacturing, installation and maintenance of ESE lightning Paratoners, arresters. Lightning rods with daily self-diagnosis.
Certified, +24 years experience. EU Quality. 

early streamer emission ESE lightning Paratoner

ESE Lightning Protection

An Early Streamer Emmision air terminal, also known as ESE or as an ionizing lightning Paratoner rod, is an external lightning protection system with innovative technology. 

Early Streamer Emission Lightning Rods are the most advanced lightning protection system avilable. ESE Lightning conductor rods capture the lightning before it striks and area protected by this ESE Air Termial. It helps in protecting the electronics equipment from electrical surges through surge arresters.

How ESE Lightning Protection Works

At its start, the lightning bolt travels through a downward leader that propagates in jumps in any direction. When the bolt approaches the ground it can hit any object. The aim of the lightning rod is to become the point of discharge of the bolt in order to achieve a controlled impact without damage.

The ESE air terminal emits a continuous upward leader with time of advance to anticipate the descent of lightning and capture it before any other object within its protection area. The time of advance of the ESE determines the protection radius of the ESE air terminal: the more the upward leader anticipates, the higher the downward leader is captured and prevents lightning strikes in a larger area.

 ESE lightning rod, Turkey, Spain, France, UK

Omega OLAR-130

It covers a radius of 30 meters to 48 meters at level 1 protection.
∆t = 40 µs
Its for small towers, houses, and solar installations on house roofs.

 ESE lightning arrestor Turkey, Spain, France, UK

Omega OLAR-230

It covers a radius of 79 meters  at level 1 protection.
∆t = 60 µs
Its for large towers, large buildings, factories, and solar installations on roofs.

early streamer emission ESE lightning paratoner

Omega OLAR-330

It covers a radius of 91 meters at level 1 protection.
∆t = 67 µs
Its for medium cell phone towers, to large buildings, and solar installations on buildings and industries.

ESE Lightning Active Rod Turkey, Spain, UK

Lightning Counter

It recoeds all the lightning strike events that occur on that installation area in case of strike on the rods.
Its analogue based lightning strike counter.

ESE Lightning Paratoner Table

early streamer emission ESE lightning Paratoner Chart

Research off: Spain
Office: Istanbul, Turkey
Factory: Türkiye


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