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What is ESE Lightning Protection System

ESE Lightning Protection System by
Omega Logiks are the most advance lightning protection system
in this world today. 

Types of lightning protection system

There are 3 types of building protection that are used now a days for Lightning Protection System:

Faraday cage Lightning Protection System

The lightning conductor with meshed cage (Faraday cage)

This protection involves placing numerous down conductors/tapes symmetrically all around the building. 

Such a network of conductors are followed by an external perimeter down the to ground. The mesh size can be selected between 4 and 16 meters according to the types of protection required for the building.

Taut Wire Lightning Protection System

The lightning rod with taut wires

These wires are stretched above the structure to be protected. They are used to protect special structures: rocket launching areas, military applications and protection of high-voltage overhead lines 

ESE Lightning Protection Rod

The lightning conductor with meshed cage (Faraday cage)

Early Streamer Emission (ESE) type lightning air terminal can be defined as to protect a particular area located in a specific radius value (typically 10 meters to 107 meter) by generating artificial ion waves thanks to its ion generation devices, to increase the possibility of attraction of the lightning strike through these high potential electricity atmosphere an earlier than other types of lightning protection systems.

ESE lightning protection rod

ESE Lightning Protection System

ESE Lightning Arrester are also known early streamer emission systems and called ESE Active Lightning Rods. Principle of the active lightning rods is rising up the electrical field strength depending on the electrical charge or the air. Thus protection from negative or positive lighting kinds is provided. The latest version of said protection is quite common nowadays in all ever the World. Main working principle is to catch and forward the lightning into the ground safely before it discharges to the ground directly. In this respect lightning capture rate is very important for a lightning rod performance. Due to created electrical field in the air, active lightning rod is preparing a guide way to the ground for lighting and as they do not ionize the air, all unnecessary discharge risks are eliminated. Active lightning rods (ESE) obtain their energy from the electrostatic and electromagnetic Field intensity changes.

Early Streamer Emission Lightning conductor rods capture the lightning before it striks and area protected by this ESE Air Termial conductor. It helps in protecting the electronics equipment from electrical surges through surge arresters.


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